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Playmobile | Cie Sylvain Huc – english

Playmobile aims to lead children to questioning the meaning of the words "rule", "community", "individual" ... By subjecting at least two classes of children to a protocol of physical and musical rules, Playmobile is constructed as a political territory of bodies. We invent, follow, circumvent or break the rule to build a choreographic game. For a whole week, their dancing bodies are made by and face their responsibility (to chose or decide). Playmobile is a playful device which includes for each class 1 choreographer, 1 musician, 4 power plugs and 3 LR61 batteries. Do not swallow. Not suitable for children under 10 years old. Plan a one-week workshop (20h per class).

Designer Sylvain Huc

Playmobile has been performed in Rodez, Strasbourg, Bischwiller, Bressuire, Saint Dizier, Toulouse and other places.


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