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Gameboy | Cie Sylvain Huc – english

Gameboy are men who meet up to play with their bodies, their strength, their fragility or their absurdity; men who show the male body as charged with desire, tension, abandon or monstrosity; men who reflect on their absolute singularity or the social roles to which they submit; men who swagger or who offer themselves as subjects to be studied; men who question the images, representations and plasticity of bodies; men who open a space where they talk about themselves and their condition. This week-long workshop aims to question the issue of gender in other universities and countries and produces a new performance each time.


“Directed by Sylvain Huc, an exclusively masculine distribution […] deconstructs with furious vitality the images, both intellectual and physical, associated with virility.” Gérard Mayen, À corps Festival, Poitiers (April 2016)

Designer, choreographer, lighting designer Sylvain Huc
Created with Gauthier Autant, Enzo Bardy, Joseph Burdin, Gabriel Gocel, Stefan Heinen, David Malan, Steven Nacolis, Emmanuel Rogez, Roberto Steck-Ibarra, Gustavo Adolfo Suarez Rios


Duration 60 min

Coproducers and partners
Gameboy was produced with new dancers thanks to the support of the Sala Hiroshima in Barcelona and the French Institute in Barcelona in December 2016.In June 2017, the project was staged at the Matadero Space in Madrid, including six dancers of the Compania Nacional de Danza, with the support of the French Institute in Madrid. In July 2017, Gameboy was performed at the Avignon Festival, with the support of the Federal University Toulouse Midi- Pyrénées, the CFVU of the University Jean Jaurès in Toulouse, the City of Toulouse and staged at the University of Avignon and Pays du Vaucluse, Campus culture, as part of the Supramuros Initiative. In april 2019, Gameboy was performed at festival In Extremis of théâtre Garonne in Toulouse.


Apr 5, théâtre Garonne I Scène européenne, festival In Extremis, Toulouse (31)


Jul 1, 2, 3, 4, festival Montpellier Danse et Métropole (34)
Mar 30, Le Gymnase I CDCN Roubaix, festival Le Grand Bain, Roubaix (59)


Oct 19, La Fabrique, CIAM - Université Toulouse - Jean Jaurès (31)
Sept 30, La Place de la Danse, CDCN Toulouse / Occitanie
Jul 10, 13, Supramuros, Festival d’Avignon (84)
Jun 28, 29, Space Matadero, Madrid (Spain)


Dec 16, Sala Hiroshima, Barcelone (Spain)
Oct 21, Théâtre des Mazades, Toulouse (31)
Oct 15, CDC de Toulouse / Midi-Pyrénées (31)
Sept 24, Le Foyer, Marminiac (46)
Apr 7, Théâtre Auditorium de Poitiers, festival À corps, Poitiers (86)

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