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Le petit chaperon rouge (Little Red Riding Hood) | Cie Sylvain Huc – english

Archaic, visceral, violent… is how one could describe this “story” that has been told a million times. Out with narration. We prefer vivisection by scalpel of the childish fable and its entrails! A wolf, half animal, half serial killer and Little Red Riding Hood in her complicit innocence embark on a duet of fascination, games and fear. On a bare stage (a concrete and dreamlike space) and accompanied by a sound universe of tinkered vinyl records, childhood is confronted with its fantasies and fears with force and jubilation. The stark narration of the original fable uses resources, costumes and lighting sparingly, leaving only muscle, heavy breathing and laughter to defuse this choreographic-explosive device.

Designer, choreographer Sylvain Huc
Performers Cécile Grassin and Sylvain Huc
Sound designer Xavier Coriat
Lighting technician Pierre Masselot


Duration 45 min


Production Faits & Gestes
Le Petit Chaperon Rouge was created as part of an artist residency at the Marminiac.